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To enjoy all the benefits of the Blackspruit website, you cannot do without registering a personal account. You will not be able to purchase any product until you have an account. But don’t rush to worry and get upset. To register, you don’t need to be a prodigy or involve third-party specialists. You can do it yourself by performing a few simple manipulations.

How to register on the Blackspruit marketplace website

First create a login for the website. A unique login must consist of no more than 16 characters. It can only contain numbers and Latin characters. Important: keep your login information secret and do not share it with anyone. Now create an alias. This name will be displayed to other users of the Blackspruit website and sellers of products and services. This name must not be the same as your login name. This is due to the fact that increasing the likelihood that scammers can use it to log into your account. One more step on the way to registration - create a password to log into the site. Always use uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers and special characters. The less logical and complex the password for, the more difficult it will be to guess.